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Milestone Internet Marketing Privacy Policy

This website can be used withoutsubmitting any privacy information, but users may engage in interactivefeatures where consumer information is voluntary supplied. Our voluntarycollection procedure does not intentionally target minors. Please find detailedinformation below.

Information Collection -

This website may collectvoluntarily submitted information including a user's email address, phonenumber and first and last name upon completing an RFP (request for proposal)page. In addition, this site may collect information about travel dates andtravel party sizes. We do not collect credit card information on this hotelsite. There won't be a difference in site experience or data collectionpractices when the user chooses to turn on the "Do Not Track" option, as thissite does not collect any involuntary information.

Data Usage and Sharing -

Any of the voluntarily submittedinformation is used for this website's booking engine. Each booking engineadheres to its own privacy policy, which may differ from the Milestone policiesset forth here.

Data Protection -

The protection of your personaldata is extremely important to us here at Milestone. We follow generallyaccepted standards for data protection and maintain best practice safeguards.When users submit personal data, additional safeguards are deployed as anadditional protective measure. All safeguards are continually updated andmonitored by our professional Internet security team.

Cookies -

This site uses cookies to improvethe technical operation of the site. Public areas of our sites can operatewithout cookies, private (e.g. client management login) cannot. Cookies do nottrack any personal information.
Our business partners, includingadvertisers, social media platforms and widget operators may utilize 3rdparty tracking pixels to enhance performance pertaining to their tools.Information collected by our partners does not include personal informationsuch as your name and telephone number. You may be able to voluntarily furtherengage with these tools as you view this site.  Any engagement activitywill be subject to our partner's privacy policy.
If you would like to opt out oftargeted advertisements based on your user experience, please visit http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp
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